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CGN unveils nuclear power science popular robots


The 6th “Aug 7 Public Open Day” of China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) was celebrated at Daya Bay, Taishan, Yangjiang, Ningde, Hongyanhe and Fangchenggang nuclear power bases concurrently on Aug 7.

Construction of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant, the first gigawatt-level commercial NPP on the Chinese mainland, beganon Aug 7, 1987 as part of the wave of China’s early reform and opening-up. CGN chose the date as its public open day in 2013, according to Tan Jiansheng, the company’s senior vice president.

Hebao, a science popularization robot developed by CGN, made its debut on this year’s public open day. The cutie can interact with visitors in the format of Q&A, disseminating information about the nuclear power industry.

According to CGN spokesman Huang Xiaofei, the company will further improve the robot’s appearance and voice interaction, and make more Hebao robots accessible to the public at the exhibition halls of the six nuclear power bases, science popularization activities, expos and even on WeChat.

In a further development in public communication, nine winners of the Green China Person of the Year, the highest domestic award in the environmental protection sector, were recruited as nuclear power science popularization ambassadors. They included Guo Chengzhan, deputy director of the National Nuclear Safety Administration, and former China Central Television (CCTV) anchor Lang Yongchun.

The ambassadors are expected to play an active role in promoting national strategies related to green and low-carbon development, while presenting the "clean, safe and environmentally friendly" attributes of nuclear power to the public.

CGN has always been a pioneer and advocate of “open-up experience, transparent communication and public participation”, as its nuclear power bases have received 650,000 visitors to date.

In the past the company only accepted appointments for group visits. With the launch of the online registration platform, starting in September citizens will be able to simply submit an application on the WeChat account (hebaoyizu). The whole process takes only one minute.

Meanwhile, CGN joined hands with 10 influential new media platforms in China’s clean energy communication sector as a clean energy new media alliance, the first of its kind in China. CGN’s public WeChat account for science popularization – hebaoyizu -- was elected as the chairman for its accurate positioning and vivid content.

The operator of hebaoyizu said the platform would unremittingly provide knowledge on clean energy and promote public communication with diversified methods, so that society will come to fully understand clean energy like nuclear power and look forward to the service it can provide.

CGN is China’s largest and the world’s third largest nuclear power operator and the world’s largest nuclear power constructor. It is committed to clean energy and environmental protection development, with its installed capacity of clean energy reaching 46 GW.

The company owns 21 nuclear power units in operation with a total installed capacity of over 22.55 GW, and seven units under construction with a installed capacity of 9.18 GW.

Its public open day has been held for six consecutive years and has become a brand program for social communication in China’s nuclear industry.