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CGN DeLingHa 2 GW Solar Thermal Storage Integration Project started construction, which is a Solar PV - Solar Thermal - Storage Multi-energy Complementary Project with the highest energy storage distribution ratio in China.


On March 23, CGN DeLingHa2 GW Solar PV - Solar Thermal - Storage Integration Projectcommencement ceremony was held, marking the official start of the Solar PV - Solar Thermal - StorageMulti-energy Complementary Project with the highest energy storage distribution ratio in China.

CGN DeLingHa2 GW Solar PV - Solar Thermal - Storage Integration ProjectCommencement Activities Site

CGN DeLingHa Solar PV - Solar Thermal - Storage Integration Project is located in Photovoltaic (Solar Thermal) Industrial Park,DeLingHa City, Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province, with a planned area of about 53,000 mu. The total installed capacity of the project is 2 GW, of which 1.6 GW of photovoltaics, 400 MW of photothermal molten salt energy storage, with 25% of energy storage ratio, and 6 hours of energy storage. The project adopts the renewable energy power generation technology combining photovoltaic power generation and photothermal molten salt energy storage, and realizes the high-ratio storage of molten salt thermal energy through tower concentrating heat collection, the utilization of curtailed wind and light in the region, and the high-temperature steam generated by the brine heat exchange device to promote the power generation of the steam turbine generator set, and the annual on-grid electricity can reach 3.65 billion kWh after completion and operation. The project has good ecological adaptability, grid friendliness, technical security and scientific and technological demonstration, and will realize the scientific and technological innovation and demonstration application of photovoltaic, solar thermal and energy storage collaborative power generation technologies.

Schematic Diagram of CGN DeLingHa2 GW Solar PV - Solar Thermal - Storage Integration Project

On November 27, 2021, CGN and Qinghai Province signed the Framework Agreement on Deepening Strategic Cooperation between the People's Government of Qinghai Province and CGN, and CGN actively implemented the mission of central enterprises and promoted the finalization of DeLingHa2 GW Solar PV - Solar Thermal - Storage Integration Project. The implementation of the project will build an empirical base for energy storage and peak shaving in Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province, help the construction of the national clean energy industry highland in Qinghai Province, and contribute to the achievement of the national Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality  goal.

At present, CGNhas a 50,000-kilowatt solar-thermal power demonstration power station in operation in DeLingHa City, which is the first large-scale commercial trough solar thermal power generation demonstration project in China to start construction and put into operation, providing experience in engineering construction, operation and maintenance and project management for the development of China's solar thermal industry. At the same time, relying on the National Energy Solar Thermal Power Generation Technology R&D Center established and managed by CGN, CGN has basically mastered the core technology of solar thermal molten salt energy storage, cultivated a leading domestic scientific and technological research team, and reserved the key technicians of solar thermal production, operation and maintenance technology, which will give a positive demonstration effect in the field of scientific and technological innovation in Qinghai Province, and will also provide useful demonstration and guidance for the high-quality and diversified development of china's new energy industry during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.