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CGN Shanwei Houhu 500MW offshore wind power project was officially put into operation


At 11:18 on November 25, with the last wind turbine connected to the grid, 91 wind turbines of Shanwei Houhu 500MW offshore wind power project of CGN were all connected to the grid for power generation, becoming one of the offshore wind power projects with the largest single capacity in China.

Aerial View of the Project

The site of Shanwei Houhu Offshore Wind Power Project is located in the south sea area of Lufeng Hudong Town, Shanwei City, Guangdong Province. The center of the site is about 12km offshore and the water depth is 23 to 26m. 91 wind turbines each with a capacity of 5.5MW are installed, including 82 single pile foundations, 8 four-pile jacket foundations and 1 suction jacket foundation. Two 220kV offshore booster stations located in the east and west districts as well as one onshore centralized control center are built.

Offshore Booster Station of the Project

Project Onshore Centralized Control Center

Shanwei Houhu Offshore Wind Power Project is located at the coastal area of eastern Guangdong, which is one of the most complex sea areas in China. The annual effective construction window is less than 100 days and geological conditions are complex, which make the construction difficult. Facing such challenges as complex operation environment and Covid-19, CGN construction team has always adhered to the basic principles of Safety First, Quality First, and Pursuit of Excellence, thoroughly implemented SPDF Principles,actively integrated upstream and downstream resources, continuously optimized construction process and seized the construction window. The first batch of wind turbines were connected to the grid and energized on April 30, 2021, the hoisting of all 91 wind turbines was completed on October 1, 2021, and all units were connected to the grid for power generation on November 25, 2021.

A glimpse of the project

The annual on-grid energy of the project can reach 1.489 billion kwh. Compared with the coal-fired power plant and calculated on alternative standard coal consumption of 315g/kW·h, the project can save 425,800 tons of standard coal consumption, which will reduce emission about 860,500 tons of carbon dioxide, 28.85 tons of smoke and dust, 713.30 tons of sulfur dioxide, 198.67 tons of nitrogen dioxide and 28,300 tons of ash and slag, bringing remarkable economic and environmental benefits.

Since the national goal of Carbon Neutrality and Emission Peakwas put forward, CGN has actively responded to the national call, fully fulfilled the responsibilities of central enterprises, and strived to be the main force in the national offshore wind power development and construction and the vanguard in practicing the national marine development strategy. The completion and operation of Shanwei Houhu project is the specific practice of CGN in implementing the national Carbon Neutrality and Emission Peakgoal and the offshore wind power strategy of Guangdong Province. Up to now, CGN has a total installed capacity of about 1000MW in operation and 1150 MW under construction of offshore wind power in Guangdong, making continuous contributions to optimizing energy mix, ensuring energy supply, developing clean energy industry and realizing high-quality and sustainable economic development in Guangdong Province.