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Mr. Cui Li, engineer of CGN, won the honorary title of “National Technical Expert”


Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued the decision on awarding the title of national technical expert to the outstanding player in the 2019-2020 vocational skill competition. Mr. Cui Li from China Nuclear Power Operations Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of National Technical Expertfor his excellent achievement of winning the first place in the 2019 national pump maintenance vocational skill competition of nuclear power plants.

Mr. Cui Li at the Competition Site

Innovation is not a flashy term, nor is something that can be achieved overnight, nor is something that emerges from nothing either.

In Cui Li's opinion, innovation is not necessarily from imagination, innovation comes from daily accumulation, the method is hidden in the characteristics of equipment maintenance and the working principle of equipment.

The lifting and turnover of the residual heat removal pump used to be a big and difficult problemproject for the maintenance personnel of the nuclear power plant. By design, there was no lifting point on the pump, and the operators could only use the method of winding the sling for lifting and turnover, but it was prone to problems such as the cutting of the sling and the inclination of the pump body. This problem has always been troubling Cui Li. Until one day, he accidentally saw a video of the installation of nuclear power evaporator and found that there was also a lifting and overturning action. Through careful comparison, Cui Li found that there was a lifting lug welded on the evaporator. Unfortunately, the material of the residual heat removal pump does not support welding.

Cui Li dint give up and intensively read the equipment manual over and over again. Finally, he found a way from the manual. There was a circle of fixed bearing gland bolts at the end of the residual heat removal pump, as long as the lifting lug design is changed to bolt connection and the structural design of the connection is consistent with that of the bearing gland, the lifting lug can be connected to the pump body by using the bearing gland bolts.

The lifting device of residual heat removal pump has obtained the utility model patent.

Finally, this seemingly simple idea turned out to be a great success, after inspection, the new special lifting lug invented by Cui Li was successfully applied in the outage site and promoted to other nuclear power bases, making the lifting and overturning of residual heat removal pump a safe and securejob.

The most difficult thing to solve the equipment problem is on how to start, and the start is to stay to the site and return to the principle.

In the face of technical problems, Cui Li has his own solution:sorting out the key point of problems, understanding the maintenance characteristics, mastering the working principle, and finally integrating them into the on-site work realistically. In Cui Lis eyes, actions without thinking are often counterproductive, only thinking, eliminating the false and preserving the true is the shortcut to success.

The mechanical seal failure of the closed cooling water pump in the turbine building of a unit has occurred many times, although the problem is not serious, the results of each treatment are always unsatisfactory, and this situation from time to time is like a fly lingering in his ears, which annoys Cui Li.

Can it be that the previous methods and ideas are wrong?Cui Li read the previous technical reports, and a bold idea came out: there is another mystery about the fault, which has nothing to do with the mechanical seal!

Assumptions can be bold, and verification must be careful. Through repeated attempts, Cui Li used the new process of empty fastening the pump cover for troubleshooting, and successfully found that the sealing surface of the pump cover and the pump shell had the hidden defect of edge collapse gap, while the sealing surface of the pump shell was a component that matchedwith the mechanical seal, so the mechanical seal took the blame for it  before. Subsequently, Cui Li led the project team to repair the gap with micro arc welding and metal repair agent, which completely eliminated the problem.

Mr. Cui Li at the Maintenance Site

Over the past 20 years, Mr. Cui Li always revisits the field, returns to the principle, being good at identification, bold learning from techniques, and joining the front line of pump maintenance, has deeply practiced the Strict Compliance, Prudent Decision-making, Detail-oriented and Fact-based Approachwork style, demonstrated the style of Communist Party Members with actions, and made a new interpretation of the spirit of working tirelessly ” —— “Our insistence and practice on the site for many years is not to make the palm grow calluses, but to increase knowledge and level. When we see our continuously optimized process and iterative innovation tools play a role on the site, we will instantly feel a sense of achievement.