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Embrance COP15! “March Towards Kunming: Business and Finance Help Biodiversity Conservation” Activity is held in Kunming.


From June 6 to 7, 2021, the Warm-up Activity of Business and Biodiversity Forum, which is the parallel activity to COP15 for Convention on Biological Diversity(CBD) was held in Kunming. The event was jointly sponsored by the Secretariat of the CBD and the Ministry of Ecological Environment, and jointly organized by the Foreign Cooperation and Exchange Center of the Ministry of Ecological Environment, the World Economic Forum and the COP15 Preparatory Office of Yunnan Province. The theme of the Activity is March Towards Kunming: Business and Finance Help Biodiversity Conservation. Mr. Zhao Yingmin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Ecological Environment, and Mr. Wang Xiangang, Vice Governor of Yunnan Province, attended the Activity and delivered a speech. Ms. Elizabeth Mrema, executive secretary of CBD Secretariat, delivered a speech through video.

Ms. Elizabeth Mrema, executive secretary of CBD Secretariat, delivered a speech through video.

The meeting considered that the loss of biodiversity is becoming more and more serious due to the unreasonable development and utilization of human beings and the impact of climate change. At present, the world is committed to promoting green and high-quality economic recovery in the post epidemic era, and reshaping a more sustainable and resilient economy. In the new situation, enterprises have the responsibility to play a leading role, accelerate the pace of ecological economic transformation, incorporate biodiversity objectives into development planning and business decisions, and provide important support for promoting comprehensive green transformation.

The meeting put forward the following suggestions for enterprises to promote biodiversity conservation: First, we should actively explore the path of coordinated development to achieve the goals of climate change and biodiversity, share practical experience, and lead the transformation and development; Second, based on its own business direction and market opportunities, it is necessary to study and formulate goals and strategies to promote biodiversity conservation and sustainable utilization; Third, we should actively explore various cooperation mechanisms, expand partnerships, and seize opportunities for scientific and technological innovation and green finance. The special envoy of the Secretary General of UN for ocean affairs, the representative of the UNDP in China, the representative of the French Development Programme in China and other heads of International Agency make speeches in the form of live and video.

CGN, the World Economic Forum and Longi Co. co-hosted the 9th Sub-forum- Climate Change and Biodiversity: Energy and Mining Industries Contribute to Biodiversity Objectives. The forum focuses on how the energy and mining industries contribute to climate change issues while helping to contribute to the practice and frontier vision of biodiversity goals.

Mr. Yuan Changhong, spokesman of CGN, made a keynote speech at the 9th Sub-forum. He said: enterprises are the main force in dealing with climate change and biodiversity protection, and they should actively promote enterprises to become part of biodiversity protection solutions. He also shared the way of how CGN can build a harmonious symbiosis between clean energy and biodiversity protection from three aspects, such as corporate culture concept, specific practice cases and innovation exploration, and also prospected the further exploration of CGN in related fields. Many representatives from Tsinghua University, IUCN, Rio Tinto Group, Longi Co., TOTAL, Liyu Group, France ORÉE also shared and discussed the theme in the Sub-forum.

CGN spokesman delivered keynote speech at the 9th Sub-forum.

In addition, CGN also participated in the Round Table discussion of 8th Sub-forum - Sustainable Development Goals and Business Sector Mainstreaming for Global Biodiversity Framework after 2020, and shared CGN's experience and thinking on natural capital accounting of clean energy projects.

The event was supported by the United Nations, relevant international organizations, Huawei and other enterprises. More than 200 representatives from domestic and foreign governments, social organizations and business circles attended the meeting , and nearly 300 people attended the meeting online.