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China's first Demonstration Device for treating medical wastewater by electron beam irradiation passed the evaluation and acceptance


On May 19, the National Atomic Energy Agency held a Scientific Research Project Acceptance Meeting in Shiyan City, Hubei Province, announcing that the Medical Wastewater Irradiation Emergency Treatment Technology Demonstration Device Projectjointly undertaken by CGN and Tsinghua University has passed the evaluation of expert group composed of 9 experts including Mr. Deng Jianjun, academician from the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The project is the first nuclear energy development research project approved by the China Atomic Energy Authority (CAEA), becoming the first project of its kind registered first and then subsidized and completed. It is another good practice of using nuclear technology to help epidemic prevention and control after the research results of the electron beam COVID-19's inactivation of cold chain food packaging in March. It indicates that the treatment technology of medical wastewater by electron beam irradiation in China has reached the international leading level.

Mr. Zhang Jianhua, deputy director of the China Atomic Energy Authority, Mr. Wang Jimin, deputy secretary of the Shiyan Municipal Party Committee and secretary of Political and Legal Affairs Committee , Mr. Liu Yunmei, deputy mayor of Shiyan Municipal Government, Mr. Yang Changli, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and President of CGN, Mr. Tang Yaping, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Institute of Nuclear Energy and New Energy Technology of Tsinghua University, and Mr. Wang Jianlong, Vice President of the Institute of Nuclear Energy and New Energy Technology of Tsinghua University, attended the Acceptance Meeting. Mr. Deng Ge, Secretary-General of the China Atomic Energy Authority, presided over the Acceptance Meeting.

Panoramic View of Project Plant

After full questioning, on-site reply, research and discussion, the expert group considered that: the project proposed the treatment process and the whole technical plan of the ionizing radiation treatment of medical waste water, and independently established the virus concentration and detection method suitable for medical waste water, so as to provide an effective and safe overall solution to prevent COVID-19 and other potential pathogens from spreading in the medical waste water. A set of 1.5 MeV / 60 mA self-shielded electron accelerator for medical wastewater irradiation has been completed, and the surface dose level of the equipment meets the requirements of national standard GB18871-2002; In Hubei Shiyan Xiyuan Hospital, a demonstration device and system for emergency treatment of medical wastewater irradiation were established and completed and have achieved stable and continuous operation, with a maximum daily treatment capacity of 400 tons; The effluent quality of the project meets Discharge Standard of Water Pollutants for Medical Organization(GB 18466-2005).

Technicians operate the electron accelerator on the project control system

While introducing the implementation of the project, Mr. Hu Dongming, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of CGNNT, said that the construction of this project was at a critical moment of domestic epidemic prevention and control. At that time, Hubei was in a state of lockdown, and personnel travel, transportation and logistics were limited. Under the guidance and support of the higher level units, CGNNT has implemented the work style of Strict Compliance, Prudent Decision-making, Detail-oriented and Fact-based Approach, overcome many difficulties, and achieved effective on-site service measures, Party members' great cohesion and project operation effect.

Project Core Equipment ——Self-shielded Electron Accelerator

Mr. Wang Jianlong introduced the electron beam pollution control technology, saying that for medical wastewater, the high-energy electron beam generated by electron accelerator can instantly interact with microbial DNA, RNA molecules or cell tissues in wastewater, damage microbial activity, and kill pathogenic bacteria and viruses in wastewater. Compared with the traditional technology of injecting sodium hypochlorite and other chemical disinfectants into wastewater, it has the advantages of high sterilization efficiency, no need to add additional disinfectants, no chemical reagent residues, no secondary pollution, and can degrade antibiotics and other residues in wastewater at the same time, significantly improving the efficiency of wastewater treatment. As a new environmental protection technology, this technology has been successfully applied to many projects in Jinhua, Zhejiang, Jiangmen, Guangdong, Yining and Juye, Shandong in recent years, and has opened up new application fields such as medical solid waste, pharmaceutical wastewater, antibiotic residue, landfill leachate treatment, etc., which has important environmental, economic and social benefits.

Mr. Yang Changli said that CGN is continuing to expand the application field of electron beam pollution control technology, and will gradually build demonstration projects such as antibiotic residue, hazardous waste liquid, medical solid waste, pharmaceutical wastewater, landfill leachate and so on, so as to provide a nuclear technology solution for resolutely winning the battle to prevent and control pollution, better implement the idea of ecological civilization proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping and strive to make the grade in response to building a beautiful China.

Mr. Zhang Jianhua said that at present, in the international market, nuclear technology has been widely used in industry, agriculture, health care, environmental protection and other fields, with an annual output value of nearly one trillion. As an emerging industry, domestic nuclear technology is still in its infancy and has broad market prospects. In the next step, the CAEA will co-ordinate the technical resources of the whole industry, enhance the ability of scientific and technological innovation, and work with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Ecological Environment, the National Health Commission and other relevant ministries and commissions to promote the transformation, application and industrialization of nuclear technology research results, promote the economic and social development of nuclear technology services, and make due contributions to the healthy and high-quality development of Chinese people's lives.

Relevant personnel from the China Atomic Energy Authority, the Ministry of Finance, Shiyan Municipal Government, CGN, Shiyan Taihe Hospital and Xiyuan Hospital attended the meeting.