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CGN assists more than 2300 primary school students in Malaysia


EDRA Power Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as EDRA), a subsidiary of CGN Energy International Holdings Co., Ltd., recently promoted the EDRA Sokongan Didikan(or EDRA Educational Support) in Malaysia. 2322 primary school students from 34 primary schools in the communities where the power stations are located, such as Malacca, Negeri Sembilan, Kedah and Selangor, received donations.

Rajakumar (fourth from left), Vice President of Project Department of EDRA, donated to Kedah School

Malaysia has 40% of low-income families and many families have to let their children drop out of school in the fifth grade in order to get enough food and clothing. In order to ensure that the enrollment rate from pre-school education to middle school education reaches 100%, the Ministry of Education of Malaysia has put forward a variety of student assistance measures. EDRA Educational Support is launched in this context.

Mr. Liu Zhongjian (fourth from left) and Malacca education officials jointly distribute grants to schools

Children are the future of the country and every child should have the right to access to a high quality early education,said Calvin Low Choon Kian (Liu Zhongjian), manager of EDRA Telok Gong Power Station.

The EDRA Educational Support can help primary schools around the power station to improve the infrastructure and create a good learning environment for children. At the same time, the plan provides all students from grade one to grade six with a schoolbag, a RM120 shoe voucher (RMB 200) and a RM15 food voucher (RMB 25). These assistance can reduce the burden of low-income families, especially the poor families who have lost their financial resources due to COVID-19, prepare school supplies for their children in the new school year, and encourage students to study hard to fully meet the challenges of UPSR examination (primary school sixth grade qualifying examination) in Malaysia.

Mr. Liu Zhongjian (first from left) gives grants to schools

In 2021, EDRA Educational Support has contributed RM600000 (equivalent to RMB 990000), since the implementation of the plan, many schools have improved their infrastructure and added new courses in computer laboratories and new desks and chairs. said Rajakumar, Vice President of Project Department of EDRA.

Affected by the pandemic, Ministry of Education of Malaysia has launched a dual mode of offline and online teaching. Many schools in remote areas have no corresponding hardware equipment, and teachers and parents are not proficient in the operation of the equipment. As a result, students are unable to continue their studies or even forced to drop out of school. Kamshiah, a sixth grade English teacher from kampung Sawah National Primary School in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, said: this financial aid from EDRA can solve the problem of insufficient online education infrastructure. Children can realize home-based online learning, which is very timely for us to ensure that all students keep up with the course schedule.

Staff from Kedah Power Plant presented cheques to Sekolah Kebangsaan Kampung Sawah School in Port Dickson

EDRA Educational Support started in 2005, it is an important part of EDRA social responsibility in the field of education, and has benefited 25000 students so far. It was selected as SASAC Blue Book on Overseas Social Responsibility of Central Enterprisesin 2020. Every year, EDRA Educational Support is one of the most anticipated activities of local primary school students. Children will put on their festival costumes and rehearse the program in advance to express their gratitude with songs and dances. Every child who gets help will show a happy smile.

Different from the past, affected by the pandemic, the donation was delivered to the school by the staff of the power station and local education officials in person. On behalf of the children, the school teachers accepted the warm help from EDRA and hoped that these children will complete their current studies with this wishes and embrace a brighter future.