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On March 12, while farmers in Xinhua Town, Leye County were busy at the Na'E Kiwi Fruit Base, a transport truck fully loaded with “Heneng No.1” organic fertilizer started the trip from the plant area of Guangxi Leye Organic Resources Comprehensive Development and Poverty Alleviation Project (hereinafter referred to as the Project), a major science and technology poverty alleviation project of CGN, to Na'E Kiwi Fruit Base.

This means that the first batch of “Heneng No.1” organic fertilizer of the Project is officially delivered and put into use. The first stop is the Na'E Kiwi Fruit Base, which is located in the BaiNi village where the “Model of the Times” and “National Model of Poverty Alleviation” once lived.

“In the future, we don’t need to buy organic fertilizer from other places, and we can save costs and improve the quality of kiwi fruit.” According to the person in charge of Leye County Agricultural Investment Company, “Heneng No.1” can improve soil fertility, provide plant nutrition, and improve crop quality, especially suitable for characteristic organic planting industries such as Kiwi fruit and Camellia Oleifera Abel in Leye County.

With further stable operation, the Project can provide 20,000 tons of high-quality bio-organic fertilizer every year, which can not only meet the demand of characteristic organic planting industry in Leye County, but also bring an average annual income of 16.6 million yuan for Leye County.

As one of the major science and technology poverty alleviation projects of CGN, the Project is an important step towards development of characteristic organic planting industry chain in Leye County, which provides good environmental, social, ecological and economic benefits.

The person in charge of the Project says that: the construction of the Project started in June 2020, overcoming various adverse factors, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, change of site and frequent seasonal rainfall.  It was officially put into operation in November 2020 and started the trial production period.

“The Project connects the front and back ends of the organic planting industry chain, which not only complements, improves the industry chain, promotes the development of green organic brand, but also realizes the transformation of waste into treasure and comprehensive utilization.” According to the person in charge of Leye County Agricultural Investment Company, the Project has treated 28,000 tons of filter sludge and 6,300 tons of auxiliary materials from sugar factories annually, and effectively disposed industrial and agricultural wastes such as filter sludge, sawdust and livestock manure from local sugar factories.

In addition, the Project has also provided jobs for 4 registered poor households, and created more than 120 positions in upstream and downstream industries such as raw material collection, storage and transportation and product sales.

Mr. Cao Wenfei, a member of the Standing Committee and Deputy County Chief of Leye County, who is appointed by CGN, said that the successful production and sales of the first batch of organic fertilizer “Heneng No.1” are major achievements of the technology development-oriented poverty reduction of CGN. In the future, CGN will continue to strengthen and expand the key achievements of poverty alleviation and effectively link up with rural revitalization, and continue to help the high-quality development of agriculture in the corresponding areas, so as to make the local rural life more beautiful and farmers better off.

“I believe that our red heart kiwifruit will be sold better and better, and our life will be prosperous and sweet as red heart kiwifruit more and more.” After the truck with full of organic fertilizer arrived at the industrial park, farmers in BaiNi Village happily buried the organic fertilizer in the soil with happy smiles on their faces.