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CGN carried out special training on COVID-19 prevention and control for overseas projects


Since the first overseas standard clinic of CGN was put into operation in the Husab Uranium Mine Project in Namibia, CGN has successively carried out personnel diagnosis and treatment and project epidemic prevention improvement, and at present, a phase of International Travel Epidemic Prevention Guidehas been prepared and distributed to overseas projects, which has been highly praised.

In order to further implement the requirements of the Overseas Affairs Office of SASAC of the State Council on sharing overseas high-quality medical resources, actively give play to the role of the infirmary and do practical things and solve difficult problemsfor expatriates, the first phase of special training on COVID prevention and control of overseas projects, which was led and organized by CGN Epidemic prevention and control leading group, and undertaken by CGNPC Uranium Resources Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary Swakop Uranium, was carried out in the form of live-streaming on August 23. Mr. Su Zhigang, a doctor from the Clinic of Husab Project, was invited to give a lecture, and nearly 100 people from more than 10 member companies, such as UK Nuclear Power Project, CGN Engineering Co., Ltd., CGN Energy International Holding Co., Ltd. and CGN Nuclear Technology Development Co., Ltd., attended the training.

Combined with professional knowledge and rich working experience, Dr. Su Zhigang firstly publicized and implemented the main characteristics of the new variant virus deltastrain, the main symptoms after infection and the emergency measures to be taken, the diagnosis and treatment plan and precautions of confirmed cases, as well as the adverse reactions after vaccination, personal protection measures during international travel and other professional knowledge, then reply to the questions one by one raised and collected by each unit in the early stage. During the training process and within 5 hours after the training, Dr. Su Zhigang and nurse Wei Lai interacted with the staff from various projects, professionally answered the questions raised by the staff from overseas projects, and shared relevant video tutorials on hand sanitizing, wearing masks and protective clothing, which helped dispel confusion of the staff and stabilize the mood of the staff. The response of the staff from overseas projects was strong, said that the training was highly effective with great benefits.

By popularizing epidemic prevention knowledge, the training further improved the epidemic prevention awareness and knowledge of various overseas projects of CGN, added new contents to the epidemic prevention exchange and learning platform of CGN, made expatriates feel the care of CGN family, and enhanced everyone's confidence in overcoming the pandemic. As a follow-up action, CGN will continue to help win the epidemic prevention war of overseas projects through training, exchange and other means.