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The first CGN Overseas Epidemic Prevention Pilot Standard Clinic was officially opened


On August 3 local time, the Epidemic Prevention Pilot Standard Clinic built by CGN at the site of Husab Uranium Mine Project in Namibia, Africa, was officially opened.

This is the first standard clinic built and put into use by CGN abroad, which is also the first standard clinic built by central enterprises in Africa. The infirmary is equipped with one Chinese doctor and one Chinese nurse with rich experience in epidemic prevention and control, has the ability to treat Novel coronavirus pneumonia and other common diseases. On the basis of making full efforts in providing healthcare services of Chinese personnel of the project, the infirmary will also actively help the treatment and assistance of Chinese personnel of other central enterprises in Africa.

Doctor Su Zhigang (right) and nurse Wei Lai (left) work in the infirmary

Namibia experienced the third wave of COVID-19 outbreaks since May 2021.  Facing severe situation and double difficulties of Husab Uranium Mine which being challenged by epidemic prevention and control and production and operation, CGN resolutely implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and instructions on the epidemic prevention and control work, resolutely implemented the requirements of overseas epidemic prevention and control deployment decided by the SASAC, and promptly promoted the construction of the standard medical clinic of Husab Uranium Mine under the guidance of the Overseas Affairs Office of SASAC of the State Council, made every effort to prevent and control the epidemic and provided better medical resources for the health and safety of Chinese personnel.

In just one month, under the strong leadership of the Party Committee of CGN, CGNPC Uranium Resources Co., Ltd. made every effort to mobilize all resources to purchase and transport a large number of drugs, materials and professional medical devices, including more than 11000 boxes of therapeutic drugs, 1000 boxes of antibody testing reagents, 43 oxygen concentrators, one non-invasive ventilator and one electrocardiograph, etc.

A welcoming ceremony was held at Husab Uranium Mine to thank the medical staff for their arrival

COVID-19 prevention and treatment will be done well to ensure the health of Chinese people.Doctor Su Zhigang of the Clinic said that he would spare no efforts and make every effort to contribute more to the overseas epidemic prevention and control.

Mr. Sun Pengfei of Hushan Uranium Mine Project said that For Chinese personnel, the operation of the infirmary is a great benefit! The arrival of professional doctors and nurses has injected strong energy into our local epidemic prevention and control and strengthened everyone's confidence in epidemic prevention and control. Moreover, with the strong backing of the motherland, we have no worries and everyone has greter morale!