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CGN hosts first skill competition targeting overseas employees


CGN Swakop Uranium Co Ltd recently held the 1st Welding Skill Competition, which was open to Namibian employees of the Husab Project.

A total of 40 staff members took part in the preliminary contest on theoretical knowledge. Ten were then selected for the finals, which tested their skill level and operational standardization in the welding of sheet and piping materials.

After the final, Sedney, an employee from the welding workshop, shared his feelings excitedly: "Everyone paid close attention to this competition. In addition to the professionals, other staff members with welding knowledge also participated. It is the first competition held here and we all tried our best. The results mean a lot. I hope to find out my skill level and position as soon as possible.”

Even after lunch, the contestants still gathered together to observe and exchange their opinions on each piece of work, wanting to learn from the masters and improve their skills.

Welding has been widely used in the independent processing, manufacturing and maintenance of mining and hydrometallurgical equipment in the Husab Project, while playing a key role in the quality and efficiency of equipment manufacturing and maintenance. Welding workers with proficient skills are in short supply at Swakop.

Since the Husab Project was put into operation, it has performed well in mining and hydrometallurgy. However it lacks adequately skilled staff in several key areas. This competition will be used to better identify and evaluate weaknesses, said Cai Yusheng, general manager of the company.

According to Cai, the cultivation of high-skilled talents is essential to the future development of the Husab Project, hence the holding of the competition and the company’s emphasis on development.

Michello, head of the welding workshop and one of the major organizers, said that the skill competitions encouraged more and more technical workers to direct effort into improving themselves. Employees in other fields also showed keen interest and asked for their own events.

Although there are still some deficiencies in the competition, we are confident we will improve each year, said Michello.