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CGN launches bio-natural gas project in Xing’an League


China’s first bio-natural gas project featuring the large-scale application of wet-dry coupling anaerobic fermentation technology was recently launched in Tuquan county, Xing’an League, Inner Mongolia.

This marked the first step of CGN in developing the bio-natural gas industry in northeast China. The project will turn agricultural residues, such as dried yellow straws, into resources and pioneer the use of anaerobic fermentation technology in the country.

Another bio-natural gas project in Xing’an League Economic-Technological Development Zone also commenced construction on the same day, which will realize the non-hazardous treatment and utilization of straw and feces via high-efficiency anaerobic fermentation with mixed raw materials.

It will elevate the added-value of local straws, drive up the development of straw-related service sectors like collection, storage, and transportation, create jobs, and propel the transformation of the countryside.

CGN plans to build 10 large-scale bio-natural gas projects in Xing’an League, making it a pillar industry to aid in poverty alleviation efforts.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has attached great importance to the treatment and reclamation of husbandry residues, as it is closely tied to the production and quality of life in the countryside. It is of great importance to the rural energy revolution, soil fertility, and pollution control, noted Shi Yuanchun, a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, with hopes that CGN can play a leading role in the domestic bio-natural gas industry.