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CGN promotes Chinese culture in Namibia


China Week, a culture promotional event held by CGN on the sidelines of the Fifth Husab Cup Marathon, attracted thousands of Namibians interested in sampling Chinese culinary delicacies, watching Kung Fu performances and taking photos.

Qin Xuansheng, dean of the South African Shaolin Kung Fu Academy, staged Small Hung Kuen, broadsword, Tai Chi, nine-section whip, cudgel and Chi Kung demonstrations along with his two apprentices. After the performance, the audience circled around them for a group photo, while the children rushed to touch the Chi Kung props.

Michael Lebusa, an employee of the hydrometallurgical factory under CGN Swakop Uranium Co Ltd, is a fan of Tai Chi, Drunken Boxing, Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. It was his first time seeing a real-life Kung Fu performance.

The Kung Fu masters showcased great Chinese culture, said Michael, who hopes that they will be invited to the event again next year and be able to teach him a bit as well.

Huang Bo and Luo Yong, two chefs from Swakop’s Chinese canteen, prepared soft fired shrimps, sweet and sour spare-ribs, translucent beef slices, baozi (stuffed buns), dumplings and noodles, selling them at cost prices.

Many people queued up in front of the food stalls and local television stations broadcasted the event live. More than 2,000 Namibian dollars were made in revenue and then donated to local funds for draught relief.

Furthermore, participants were able to take photos at the Chinese culture walls, which consisted of six themes: Sino-Namibian friendship, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Chinese characters, pandas and the Chinese nations. Each of them was illustrated with hundreds of words.

Florence, a local resident, claimed that the cultural walls were a big surprise and found them beautiful, interesting and innovative. During the five hours of the marathon, swarms of people posed in front of the cultural wall for photos.

The Husab Cup Marathon has been held for five consecutive years since 2015. It has become a sports festival in Namibia and a fun event for local families.

The China Week this time allowed local children to enjoy Chinese snacks, learn Chinese martial arts and see beautiful pictures of China. They also covered their faces and hands with disposable tattoo stickers of Chinese characters, which was "fascinating" and "cool" in English.

The event offered Namibians a window through which they could learn about China, and vice versa. A local boy Chris gave a dynamic dance performance during which many joined the stage to challenge him, winning cheers from onlookers.

The Swakop culture team also presented a dance with Namibian characteristics. The dance follows the growth of a boy to demonstrate how ancient Namibians struggled with nature and survived in the wilderness. Wilhelm Nantana, a team member, looked forward to performing it in China.

Wondie Mouton, a local resident, noted that the event connects and unites Namibia and China. For Chinese volunteer Song Duo, it's a cultural collision, and it's easy to feel optimistic and relaxed for Namibians, which is worth Chinese learning from.