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Chinese Character Festival causes stir in Paris


The Chinese Character Festival held by CGN in 13th district, Paris on Sept 13 attracted thousands of locals.

Chinese Character Festival

CGN's booth was packed with French people interested in learning Chinese calligraphy and paper-cutting. A French woman with two children said, "I never thought my children would have the patience to write all the characters. I want them to learn Chinese in the future!" Another mother wept when she saw her autistic son complete a calligraphy copybook.

A French mom brings her two children to the event

Three women try their hands at calligraphy 

A Sino-French family brings their daughter to the event


A Sino-French couple brought their daughter to the event. When they saw their daughter’s skill at writing Chinese characters, they said they wanted her to learn more about Chinese culture. "Why didn't I learn Chinese earlier?" a 16-year-old French boy said with regret.

A French journalist gives calligraphy a try

A Chinese-French person and her friend try paper-cutting 

The award ceremony for the 2019 Chinese Bridge Competition in France was also held that same day. CGN provided prizes for all 49 winners, including sets of calligraphy water-writing cloth with CGN’s slogan “Doing Things Right in One Go” printed on them.  

Niels De Vries, first prize winner of the competition, said he had heard about Sino-French cooperation on the construction of nuclear power plants (NPPs). He hopes to visit Daya Bay NPP one day.

Buon Tan, chairman of the France-China Friendship Group at the French National Assembly, spoke highly of CGN’s efforts to spread Chinese culture.

A certificate is presented to the first prize winner of the 2019 Chinese Bridge Competition in France


Buon Tan and CGN employees pose for a photo

Yang Jin, Minister Counselor of Education of the Chinese Embassy in France said that in recent years, enthusiasm among French people for learning Chinese has been increasing, and CGN’ support for the Chinese Character Festival has helped boost cultural exchanges between China and France.

Jerome Goumet, head of the 13th district, attended the event.