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CGN gains official nod for offshore wind power project


China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) announced its offshore wind farm project in Yangjiang, Guangdong province, obtained approval from the Guangdong Development and Reform Commission recently.

The project, located in Nanpeng Island sea area, the south area of Dongping town, Yangjiang city, will adopt a wind turbine of 5MW or above, with a total installed capacity of 400MW.

It is the largest single offshore wind project approved after a one-off application in China and CGN’s first offshore wind project in Guangdong province.

The project includes a 220kV offshore booster station, a 35kV collector cable system, a 220kV submarine cable system and an onshore control center, with an investment of 8 billion yuan ($1.22 billion)

The construction is expected to start by the end of this year, according to a spokesperson at the South China’s branch of CGN New Energy Holdings Co, a subsidiary of CGN.

Upon completion, the 400-MW wind farm will generate on-grid power of 1.03 TWh each year, which is equivalent to the consumption reduction of 321,000 metric tons of standard coal and 21,200 tons of slag, as well as reduction of 648,600 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

The project will help promote the development of offshore wind power and improve the clean energy structure of South China’s Guangdong province. It has far more significance on the industrial upgrade of western Guangdong, Yangjiang city in particular, and is important for economic and social development in the region.

It is CGN’s third self-constructed offshore wind power project after its first one in operation in Rudong, Jiangsu province and the second being under construction in Pingtan, Fujian province.

The corporation will speed up the development of offshore wind power in Guangdong and help the province build an industrial chain, so as to boost the local marine economy.

As one of the major investors in the domestic wind power market, CGN New Energy Holdings Co holds a leading position in various fields, such as project development quality, construction speed, return on investment and profit.

During the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20) period, the company has focused on offshore wind power resources and is developing large offshore wind power projects.

It has established a comprehensive management system for offshore wind power projects, and is improving its core technology and management capabilities, to ensure the leading position in the domestic market and lay a solid foundation for future growth.