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CGN demonstrates its achievements at 15th nuclear industry exhibition


China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) brought its latest scientific achievements and projects to the 15th China International Nuclear Industry Exhibition held in Beijing from March 28 to 31.

The main control room of HPR1000 (Hualong Pressurized ReactorOne), the Firmsys nuclear safety digital control system (DCS) platform, a plasma-based solid waste treatment model and a nuclear heating reactor made their first appearance at the nuclear industry exhibition. A great number of visitors were attracted by these advanced technologies and pieces of equipment, which were displayed at the Forth Hall of the National Convention Center. 

On the opening day, March 28, Liu Hua, head of the National Nuclear Safety Administration, Wang Yiren, deputy director of China Atomic Energy Authority, and Qin Zhijun, deputy director of the National Energy Administration’s nuclear power department, visited the CGN booth and learned about the projects on display. Su Shengbing, CGN Power vice president, also attended the opening ceremony.

The HPR1000 is a 3rd-generation nuclear power brand to which China has exclusive intellectual property rights. It was designed and developed by CGN and its domestic partners in line with internationally safety standards.

The exhibited main control room allowed visitors to have a close look at the internal structure of a nuclear power plant and impressed them with its sophisticated technologies. The room is the plant’s core area through which the operator can supervise and control the plant to make sure it operates in an efficient and safe way. The main control room of the HPR1000 was improved on system diversity, defense in depth, human-computer interface and ergonomics to create a safe and efficient working environment for operators.

The Firmsys platform was developed by CGN. China is the fourth country to master this technology following the US, France and Japan; the step broke the overseas technical monopoly and improved national innovative capability. As the first product to pass the appraisal of China Nuclear Technology Association and international authorities, Firmsys has been applied in Units 5 and 6 of the Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant and Shandong Shidaowan High Temperature Reactor Demonstration Project. In addition, Units 5 and 6 of the Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant, HPR1000 Fangchenggang demonstration project and Units 5 and 6 of Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant will also use signed contracted to install Firmsys under the contracts signed.

CGN also showcased its plasma-based hazard waste treatment technology and electron beam industrial wastewater treatment technology at the exhibition. The former can decompose organic pollutants and solidify inorganic pollutant into glass which can be used as roadbed and building materials, making good use of solid wastes in a harmless way. The latter is used to treat wastewater with a dynamitron electron accelerator and was employed in the industrial wastewater demonstration project in Pujiang county, Jinhua city, Zhejiang province.

The advanced and multi-functional small shell-type modular reactor NHR200-II used in China’s first nuclear heat demonstration project was also put on display. CGN is working with Tsinghua University to implement the project.

Founded in 1994, CGN has formed its industrial pattern featuring four key sectors of nuclear power, nuclear fuel, new energy and financial service, and applications of nuclear technologies, as well as keeping developing new businesses. It owns four listed companies – CGN Power Co Ltd, CGN New Energy Holdings Co Ltd, CGN Mining Company Limited and CGN Nuclear Technology Application Co Ltd.

By the end of 2017, CGN’s clean energy operating in-service installed capacity reached 45.11 GW and its clean energy on-grid power generation recorded 211.9 billion kWh. The value of its total assets reached 635.2 billion ($101.3 billion) in 2017. The company has 20 units in operation with an installed capacity of 21.47 GW and eight units under construction with an installed capacity of 10.27 GW, making CGN the largest nuclear power operator in China. It is also the world’s third largest nuclear power enterprise and largest nuclear power builder constructorwith projects under construction.