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CGN unveils its 2017 CSR report


China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN), China's largest nuclear operator, published its 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report at the 15th China International Nuclear Industry Exhibition opening in Beijing on March 28. It is the seventh issue of the CSR report since 2012.

CSR experts, partners, and media representatives at the press conference were invited to release the report with CGN Power Vice President Su Shengbing and CGN spokesperson Yuan Changhong.

According to the report, CGN focused on clean energy, safe production, reforms, and global expansion, while help alleviate poverty and maintain transparent communication with the public.

In the report, CGN Chairman He Yu says the CSR report is a solemn commitment that CGN has made to society, the public and the media.

The company provided 211.9 billion kWh of on-grid clean power in 2017 equivalent to a reduction of coal consumption and carbon dioxide emission of 66.13 million tons and 160 million tons respectively. The emission reduction effect corresponds to afforestation of 480 thousand hectares, or about one third of Beijing.

One highlight at this year's press conference was that CGN invited guests from different walks of life to share their stories.

Qiao Sukai, an award-winning CGN engineer, explained what he and his colleagues have done to ensure nuclear safety. Every detail and aspect is checked to guarantee nuclear safety before making a decision about nuclear power plant operation, Qiao said.

Lin Yongzhao, a CGN dispatched employee who has worked for the Husab uranium project in Namibia for four years, also shared his experience, saying the developer -- Swakop Uranium, a subsidiary of CGN Uranium Resources Co, has contributed to local employment, personnel training and community development.

The company has hosted marathons since 2015, with the number of participants growing to nearly 800 from 500. The annual event takes place in August, attracting people from various countries including Namibia and South Africa. It has become one of the most influential sports events in Africa.

In 2017, CGN donated 4 million yuan ($637,000) to education of 350 ethnic minority students from a poverty-stricken county in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, offering them various learning experience such as lectures, skill training, social practice and summer camp. The program has won wide acclaim among those beneficiaries.

Zhao Hang and Song Chuxuan, one of 30 couples nationwide participating in CGN's “Most beautiful wedding photos taken at a NPP" activity, also appeared at the conference.

The couple spoke highly of CGN's meticulousness and thanked the company for making their wedding so special.

Most beautiful wedding photos taken at a NPP" is one of the company’s innovative moves in social communication, and has attracted about 9 million people.

Han Bin, executive director of UN Global Compact Network (China) set a high value on CGN's innovation and practices in promoting nuclear power among the public.

CGN takes the lead among all power enterprises in exploring new methods and patterns to facilitate communication between the public and energy ventures,” Han said.