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CGN Power reports garner LACP awards


CGN Power Co Ltd won multiple awards from the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP) for the third consecutive year for its 2017 annual report and its ESG (environment, social responsibility, and corporate governance) report.

Its 2017 annual report took gold under the power industry category, and became a Platinum Winner Worldwide under the government category. It also garnered the Most Improved Report Asia-Pacific Region and Most Improved Report Worldwide for the first time, with respective jumps from 27th to 18th, and 90th to 30th.

The company’s 2017 ESG report took gold under the power industry and government categories for the first time, edging into the top 60 in China.

CGN Power has taken part in the appraisal since 2016 to benchmark the quality of annual and ESG reports from outstanding international enterprises. It also intends to raise the company’s profile by presenting its business, performance, and social responsibility practices to the public.

Founded in 2001, LACP is professional in appraising enterprises and organizations in different industries, with its judges coming from Fortune 500 organizations. The LACP award selection has been held annually for 17 years. This year, more than 1,000 enterprises including China Mobile Communications Corporation, CLP Holdings Limited and Korea Electric Power Corporation participated.