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Family Day brings Swakop closer to employees


CGN Swakop Uranium Co Ltd received 160 guests during its first Family Day, with the oldest of them aged 81, and the youngest of them born only three months before.

Four buses carrying employees' family members drove into the Namibian Husab Uranium Mine at 9 am. Cai Yusheng, general manager of Swakop, extended them a warm welcome and shook hands with each of them.

Husab Project, constructed and operated by CGN through its own fund, is China’s largest entity investment project in Africa. Its smooth construction and operation cannot be set apart from the participation of local employees, as well the support of their families, said Cai, who interacted with the guests and helped them to learn more about the Husab Project.

Swakop Chief Operating Officer (COO) Angula Kalili also gave a brief introduction to the operations and production at the Husab Uranium Mine and answered their questions.

The staff family members then visited the hydrometallurgical plants and mining areas. At the sight of a 10-meter-high mining vehicle, some of them couldn't help but exclaim that it was "unbelievable”. After the visit, they were overwhelmed by the magnificent modern mine and felt proud of their family members for working there.

Ninety-seven percent of Swakop employees are locals. Their family members pay close attention to their work in the company and the development of this large-scale transnational cooperation project in Namibia.

The Family Day aimed at better acquainting the employees’ family members with the company and promoting the integration of Chinese and foreign cultures through sincere and open communication.

After the event, one employee's family member said, "we’re really lucky to have family working here. We all support him in this job. The activity demonstrates the company's inclusiveness and sincerity.”