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CGN makes breakthrough in ATF development


CGN self-developed S2F PI-A accident tolerant fuel (ATF) was successfully loaded into a research reactor on Jan 20 for an irradiation testing.

This marks the first time that such in-reactor irradiation testing has been conducted in China, making it a major milestone for CGN’s ATF research and development.

The irradiation test will generate important data and facilitate follow-up computational modeling and the process of putting pilot rods into reactors.

ATF, known as an international nuclear fuel R&D wind vane, is one of the most significant nuclear breakthroughs of the past 60 years. It is meant to improve the traditional nuclear fuel system, making it more economically efficient and safe.

CGN started researching and developing AFT in 2013. It cooperated with a group of top-level research institutes and universities, including State Power Investment Corporation Ltd, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the China Academy of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University, and Xi'an Jiaotong University. This alliance, which covers production, academics, research, and application, makes China a powerhouse in ATF R&D.

Meanwhile, CGN has also built China’s first comprehensive platform for ATF out-of-reactor testing, as well as four joint labs/R&D centers with the support of Shenzhen ATF Engineering Lab.