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CGN hosts seminar on agricultural product irradiation preservation


A seminar was held by CGN Nuclear Technology Development Co Ltd in Beijing on March 19 to discuss the irradiation preservation of agricultural products amid sci-tech poverty alleviation efforts.

Ha Yiming, professor at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Wang Jianlong, professor of Tsinghua University, Guo Lili, deputy secretary-general of the China Isotope and Radiation Association, Zhang Zongwen, vice president of Baise Investment Group, and Lin Jian, president of CGN Nuclear Technology Development, and a number of other experts and businessmen attended the seminar.

Discussions were held on the current situation, development trajectory, and research on domestic and foreign agricultural product irradiation preservation technology. Proposals were made on how to apply CGN’s irradiation preservation technology to poverty alleviation.

CGN Nuclear Technology Development has made great progress in the development of agricultural product irradiation preservation technology. Preliminary experimental data showed that electron beam irradiation was effective in preserving agricultural products under certain conditions.

The idea is to use electrons generated by electron accelerators to develop insecticides, sterilize, and inhibit germs through the physical, chemical, and biological reaction of agricultural products.

This technique can preserve the color, aroma, taste, and nutrition of agricultural products without leaving irradiation residue. This makes it effective in prolonging the storage life of agricultural products and helping impoverished areas promote their unique products and shake off poverty.

There are now 232 types of food authorized for irradiation by 41 countries, and a total of 300,000 tons of food are processed with the technology annually. Electronic beam irradiation preservation technology is already in wide use in Europe and the United States, but has not yet been adopted in China.