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HPC Unit 1 nuclear island completes concrete pouring for raft foundation


Concrete pouring for the raft foundation (J-Zero/J0) of Hinkely Point C (HPC)’s Unit 1 nuclear island was completed on June 21, which marked the largest milestone since the launch of the project and laid a solid foundation for dome installation.

The Unit 1 of the HPC project is the fifth evolutionary power reactor in the world. A total of 9,079 cubic meters of concrete was poured into its raft foundation at one time, which broke the record in British architecture history. As Britain has not built any nuclear power plants (NPPs) in over two decades, the move is epoch-making in the country’s nuclear energy industry.

To date, 29 CGN employees have been sent to the UK to work in the design, civil engineering, installation, commissioning, operation, human resources, and finance departments. They have deployed their experience accumulated from domestic NPP construction in the HPC project and offered suggestions as reference for decision making.

The team sorted out the key trajectory, factors, and risks of HR construction, offered new thoughts in civil engineering project management strategy, as well as saved three weeks for J0’s key trajectory construction.

The world’s largest crane, Sarens SGC250, is now being assembled at the construction site. It is able to move in a 6-km-long track and can be used in the prefabrication of large components for nuclear island architecture to improve quality and save time. This is another innovation inspired by the Taishan project.