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CGN-compiled electron beam curing specification released


The Specification of Electron Beam Curing of Over Print Varnish for Paper Packaging complied by CGN Dasheng Electron Accelerator Technology Co Ltd has recently been released and will come into effect on Sept 1 this year.

The document was jointly compiled with China Tobacco Zhejiang Industrial Co Ltd, Zhejiang Minong Century Group Co Ltd, Institute of Modern Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xi’an University of Technology, and China Academy of Printing Technology. CGN Dasheng Electron Accelerator Technology was the first drafting unit that took charge of the core part of the specification, including technical requirements for electron beam curing devices, technical design, operation, and management.

The first of its kind in the country, the specification provides the standard and technical guidance for the marketized application of electron beam curing technology of over print varnish for paper packaging, and standardizes the industrialized application of the technology in paper package printing. It will contribute to a wider industrialized application of the technology in other areas.

Currently, thermal curing and ultraviolet (UV) curing are the two major methods for paper package ink curing in China. As the country is now imposing higher requirements in safety and environmental protection of the paper packaging industry, as well as strengthening control over the migration of harmful substances in the curing process, the existing curing technology is facing new challenges.

Electron beam curing requires no photoinitiator, causes no migration of harmful substances, and boasts an autonomous curing rate of more than 95 percent. The technology is more efficient, more environmentally friendly, and safer, representing the future trend of paper package printing, as well as broadening the application of nuclear technology.

China is now the world’s second largest packaging country, behind the USA. CGN Dasheng Electron Accelerator Technology has taken the lead to realize the commercial application of electron beam curing technology in the tobacco industry, which enjoys promising market prospects.