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CGN and EDF host ninth strategic summit


The 9th strategic summit between CGN and Électricité de France (EDF) was held at Taishan Nuclear Power Base on Nov 7 to exchange ideas on cooperative projects.

He Yu, chairman of CGN, outlined the nuclear power cooperation requirements under the Action Plan on China-France Ties at the summit. He praised the progress of the HPC project since the summit last December, and expressed gratitude for the hard work of the HPC management team and all the participating units.

Jean-Bernard Lévy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of EDF, agreed with the principles of "balance, transparent, and mutual benefit" detailed in the action plan. He praised the completion of the Taishan project, as well as confirmed its R&D cooperation with CGN. He proposed that the two sides should strengthen cooperation, identify risks, find solutions, and reach consensuses in future work.

The two enterprises reached a consensus on the direction of follow-up work for the cooperation project.

Before the meeting, the attendees also went to the main control room of Unit 1 of the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant for work inspection. An activity was also held to celebrate the completion of the Taishan Nuclear Power Project Phase I.

Laurent Bili, French ambassador to China, Siv Leng Chhuor, French Consul General in Guangzhou, Xavier Ursat, Senior Executive Vice President of EDF, Simone Rossi, CEO of EDF Energy, and Shi Bing, Senior Vice President of CGN, attended the event.