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CGN chairman He Yu attends WANO Biennial General Meeting


CGN chairman He Yu led a delegation to attend the World Association of Nuclear Operators’ (WANO) 15th Biennial General Meeting that took place in London, capital of the United Kingdom, from Oct 20 to 22.

This year’s conference, under the theme of “30 Years of WANO: Generating a Safer Future Together,” gathered more than 500 senior managers and youth backbone representatives from more than 30 countries and regions.

Revolving around “Nuclear Power Leadership,” the attendees discussed ways of how to deal with the economic pressure, personnel safety and reliability, safe start-up and operation of new nuclear power units, as well as other challenges faced by the global nuclear power industry.

Meanwhile, WANO briefed its analysis of the performance tendency of the nuclear power industry over the past 30 years and made suggestions on improvement measures. It seeks to narrow down the gap between WANO members through enhanced exchanges and optimized services.

WANO called upon leaders in the nuclear power industry to make full use of their leadership, pay close attention to nuclear safety, as well as strive to achieve and maintain high performance and safe operation of nuclear power plants.

In addition, the conference reviewed the achievements of the organization over the past 30 years, as well as presented medals of honor to previous WANO chairmen, presidents, and CEOs for their contributions. He was recognized as the WANO president from 2010 to 2011.

Su Shengbing, vice president of CGN Power Co, was among the nine recipients to be granted the 11th WANO Nuclear Excellence Awards.

Gang Ligang, president of CGN Power Co, attended the 110th WANO Governing Board Meeting and 78th WANO-PC Governing Board Meeting on behalf of CGN on Oct 20.