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The provincial standard for environmental protection published by CGN for the first time


Recently, the "Specification for urban black-odor water treatment planning" (exposure draft) of Guangdong Province was officially announced to solicit for public opinions. The " Specification for urban black-odor water treatment planning" (hereinafter referred to as the "Specification") is the provincial-level standard in the field of environmental protection firstly edited by CGN Environmental Protection Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CGN EP"), and is also the first regulation of special planning for black and odorous water body treatment in Guangdong Province, which is of milestone significance for urban water environment management.

The "Specification" is formulated in accordance with the relevant requirements of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development on "Regarding the preparation and revision of Guangdong's engineering construction standards in 2018", which fully reflects the idea of "top-level design and overall planning" from planning to implementation in the field of environmental governance. It is applicable to the preparation of urban black and odorous water body treatment planning in the urban built-up area of Guangdong Province. The preparation of other water body treatment planning can be implemented by reference.

As one of the editors, CGN EP presided over the preparation of the “Specification” throughout the entire process. The completion and publication of this provincial standard shows that CGN EP’s water environment management concept and technical route are highly compatible with the advocacy direction of the provincial construction department, and it has been recognized and supported by industry experts, demonstrating CGN EP’s strength in the field of environmental water affairs.

With the mission of "jointly building a clear water and blue sky and creating a better life", CGN EP focuses on creating core technologies, core products, and core teams to provide customers with full life cycle, full industry chain services, and one-stop water and solid waste solutions. At the same time, CGN EP, responding to the government's call, has summed up the practical experience of environmental governance, exerted its own technological advantages, courageously shouldered the social responsibility of central enterprises, and actively participated in the formulation of industry rules to contribute to our country's environmental protection cause.

In addition, the “Regulations for the Design of Urban Rivers and Lakes Ecological Restoration” (exposure draft) and the “Technical regulations for environmental protection dredging and sludge treatment of urban rivers and lakes” (exposure draft) in Guangdong Province CGN participated were also released at the same time.