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Advance into The UK : How do Global Media Treat CGN’s Participation in Construction of New Nuclear Power Project in the UK?


President Xi Jinping’s visit to the UK this time is China’s first state visit to the UK over the past decade, and is a grand event in the relationship between the two countries in the new era. It will open a “golden age” of UK-China relations, and become a new milestone. The news that CGN is expected to reach an agreement of investment in the construction of new nuclear power project in the UK with EDF has been spread in international media. Chinese nuclear enterprises marching into the UK and the expected landing of HPR1000 in time-honored strong power of nuclear power have become the focuses of global public opinions. In the following, I will show you how the media of each country focus on CGN’s “advance into The UK”.

Reuters: Xi Jinping said when accepting an interview that, "Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Plant Project is a product of cooperation among China, the UK and France."

On Oct. 18, the eve before state visit to the UK, China’s President Xi Jinping accepted the exclusive interview of British Reuters. Xi Jinping answered 10 questions in total, involving Sino-British relations, Sino-British financial cooperation, Chinese enterprises “going global”, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, China’s international status, climatic change, the issue of South China Sea, international manhunt, Chinese economy, football development, etc..

Q: Chinese enterprises will probably participate in the construction of a nuclear power plant in the southwest part of the UK. In the upcoming decade, what roles do you expect Chinese enterprises to play in global market?

A: China has become a large power of manufacturing in the world. China’s prominent advantages are that, China is in the middle reach of global industry chain, and China’s large quantities of industries and equipment such as express railway, nuclear power, automobile, etc. have reached international advanced level, have good performance-price ratio, and meet many countries’ demand and undertaking capacity. China is willing to develop many forms of cooperation in international production capacity and equipment manufacturing with many other countries including the UK, in order to link up respective comparative advantages and realize linkage development. Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Plant Project is the product of China, the UK and France’s cooperation, and the three countries’ enterprises are expected to give full play to respective advantages, in order to ensure that the project is constructed smoothly and benefits British people.

BBC: Liu Xiaoming, China’s ambassador to the UK, and the host fiercely debated Chinese enterprise’s construction of nuclear power in the UK.


On October 16, Liu Xiaoming, Chinese Ambassador to the UK, accepted the live interview of BBC’s brand program “Newsnight” by the host of Evan Davis, at the studio. The eloquent host launched a fierce debate with Liu Xiaoming on the marching of Chinese nuclear enterprises like CGN, etc. into the UK.

Davis bluntly asked Ambassador Liu Xiaoming: "If China were the UK, do you think China would allow British contractors to build nuclear power plants in China?" Ambassador Liu asked: "I have a question: Does the UK have enough funds to build nuclear power plants in China?"

Later, ambassador Liu said, “The UK expects China to invest in construction of nuclear power plants in the UK, because the UK needs China’s funds and technologies. China owns advanced nuclear power technologies, and has more nuclear power plants than many other countries.”

Aiming at ambassador Liu’s retort, Davis asked more bluntly: “Do you think it’s very stupid for us to allow China to invest in British nuclear power plants?” Ambassador Liu responded: “You are not stupid at all. In fact, you are very clever. You know how to use China’s funds to construct your nuclear power plants and benefit British people.”

Aiming at ambassador Liu’s declaration, Davis admitted that “this is a win-win pattern.”

European Times (www.oushinet.com): How does the UK value Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Plant Project? 70,000-Page Contract


European Times, the Chinese media in Europe, focused on the British nuclear power project as early as on Oct. 14. It reported that, the schedule for Osborn's visit to China is near to the schedule for Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to the UK from 19 to 23 this month, indicating that the contract for this project will probably be concluded formally during President Xi Jinping’s visit. In this regard, The Daily Telegraph of the UK reported on Oct. 14 that, EDF will reach agreement with Chinese enterprises on construction of Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Plant.

It’s still reported in the article that, the negotiation between both parties is still in full swing at present, and even though both parties have not reached concrete agreement, some insider has disclosed that he has confidence in that an important protocol will be publicized recently, in order to ensure the on-schedule construction of the first nuclear power plant in the U.K. over the past several decades.

The report cites the news in The Daily Telegraph that, the cooperation agreement finally reached between Chinese enterprise and EDF will probably include 21,000 pages. It’s estimated that, coupled with the subsidy contract, loan guarantee and waste material transfer agreement concluded with the government, and the contracts concluded with major suppliers, the documents on the Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Plant project will reach up to around 70,000 pages.

Hong Kong Oriental Daily: The UK expects China to participate in the construction of express railways and nuclear power


The news about CGN’s marching into British nuclear power market has continuously aroused the attention of many medium like Hong Kong Oriental Daily, Ming Pao, Apple Daily, etc. recently. The Oriental Daily reported that, the UK is a time-honored big power of nuclear power, and is the place where the world first civil nuclear power plant appears. The UK expects CGN to participate in the investment for construction of this nuclear power plant requiring a total investment of 25 billion pounds. If the cooperation succeeds, this will not only be a grand event of British nuclear power industry, but also form a tremendous investment for China’s nuclear power industry to go global.

NIKKEI: Highlight broad cooperation relationship in the fields like nuclear power, etc.


Japanese famous media Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported that, famous economist Jim O' Neill, who took up the post of infrastructure principal in the Ministry of Finance of the UK this spring, said that, “In the upcoming decade, we will probably see the reversal of America and China’s status at many levels.” Highlighting broad cooperation relationship in the fields of RMB transaction, nuclear power, express railway, etc by taking the opportunity of Xi Jinping’s visit to the UK, the UK hopes to further strengthen the connection at capital level.

Magazine First: CGN participated in the development of global nuclear power markets actively


In the background that CGN constantly promoted the construction of nuclear power project in the UK, in order to make British public know more about CGN’s strength and HPR1000 technology, CGN’s President HE Yu specially submitted a paper to the magazine First to recommend CGN to British public.

British magazine First is a quarterly publication to elites of various circles, like British government, industry and commerce, law, media, etc., and has relatively great influences in British mainstream society. In 2010 and 2013, this magazine obtained Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

In the paper titled as “CGN Participates in the Development of Global Nuclear Power Markets Actively, and British New Nuclear Power Project Promoted in Order”, He Yu introduced CGN’s scale, technical advantages, and the schedule for CGN to participate in the construction of British nuclear power project. He Yu disclosed that, HPR1000 will soon be subject to the Generic Design Assessments (GDA) examination of British nuclear safety institution, and meanwhile, in the first half of this year, CGN will also apply for technical and safety design review to European Utility Requirement (EUR) with HPR1000 technology.

In addition, He Yu introduced the progress of Phase-2 CGN Fangchenggang Project, a reference power plant for HPR1000 British Project, and said that the construction of Phase-2 CGN Fangchenggang project is estimated to commence this year.