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The group’s projects in South Korea include the Yulchon Gas-Fired Project, Yulchon Fuel Cell Project (located in the Yulchon Industrial Complex, Jeollanam-do, in the southern part of the Korean peninsula), and phase I of Daesan Oil-Fired Combined-Cycle Power Plant (located in the Daesan industrial complex in the western part of Korea, launched in 1988, with installed capacity of 507 MW).

The phase I of the Yulchon Gas-fired Project began construction in 2005 with installed capacity of 577.4 MW and the phase II in 2014 with 946.2 MW. The latter made a record at that time for the shortest construction period, the highest thermal efficiency, and the maximum capacity in operation among gas combined cycle project in the world. The phase I of the Yulchon Fuel Cell Project was completed in 2009 with installed capacity of 4.8MW, phase II in 2011, 5.6 MW, and phase III in 2015, 5 MW.