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CGN Solar-Biofuel Power (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., a fully owned subsidiary of CGN Solar Energy Development Corporation, is a renewable energy company that promotes and develops clean energy projects in Southeast Asia. The company was established in 2011 with its base in Singapore as a part of the $50 million investment on its 9.9MW solar-biofuel integrated power plant. Its primary objective as a developer of renewable energy is to expand grid-tied projects—including wind, solar, biomass, and hydro—across the region. The company’s business model is to build, own, and operate power generation plants in Southeast Asia.

CGNPC Solar-Biofuel Power (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. currently owns and operates a 9.9 MW solar-biofuel integrated power plant in Singapore. The 9.9MWwood-fired steam boiler relies on 70,000 metric tons of wood and horticulture waste from within Singapore per year for power generation. The facility includes a 521KWp photovoltaic system on its rooftops to harvest solar energy. The power plant generates over 60 million kilowatt hours per year, delivering clean energy to the smart grid of Singapore.
The management of our company pays attention to protect our environment while pursuing economic growth. We support low-carbon development!

CGN Biomass-PV Integrated Power Generation Singapore Project