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Unveiled by National Energy Administration in February 2013, the center was co-constructed by China Nuclear Power Operations Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Nuclear Power Research Institute (SNPI). It is made up of bases in Shenzhen, Suzhou, and joint labs.
The Shenzhen Base has R&D platforms including operation and maintenance and test evaluation center for primary pump of nuclear power plant , NPP spares supportability and customized R&D center, human factors engineering technology research institute, equipment reliability technology research institute, reliability and ageing research center of NPP control equipment, reliability testing laboratory of critical NPP electrical equipment card pieces.
The Suzhou Base has R&D platforms including life management technology research institute, in-service inspection technology research institute, radiation protection technology research institute, remanufacturing technology research institute and other R&D platforms.
The joint labs built advanced radioactive waste treatment technology laboratory with the Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology at Tsinghua University; the nuclear power operation safety technology joint laboratory with Shenzhen University; the safety human factors and ergonomics laboratory with Hunan Institute of Technology; and the non-metal material life evaluation and management technology laboratory with CGN Advanced Materials Group Co., Ltd..