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CGN shines at China Hi-Tech Fair


CGN attended the China Hi-Tech Fair which opened at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on Nov 13 for the tenth year, showing its major scientific research achievements such as HPR1000 technology and electron accelerators.

Located at A53 booth in Hall 1, CGN showcased its HPR1000 3D collaborative design and management platform, which consists of a 3D collaborative design sub-platform and a design management sub-platform. The former realizes the 3D collaborative design of a nuclear island’s civil engineering, equipment, pipelines, ventilation, tray, instrument control, and supports and hangers, while the latter provides whole-process business management.

The platform has significantly improved the quality, efficiency and economic benefit of nuclear power design. So far, it has been applied in many CGN projects under construction and by CGN’s cooperating institutions.

Meanwhile, models of offshore wind power construction vessel Hai Long Xing Ye and the sand table of CGN's offshore wind power project in Yangjiang’s Nanpeng Island also attracted great interest. The first wind turbine of the Nanpeng wind farm, which has the largest installed capacity of its kind in the country, was connected to grid for power generation on Nov 1.

A main force in the development of offshore wind power, CGN built the first 220kV offshore booster station, and the first offshore wind farm meeting the "Double Ten” standard in the country. It was also the first domestic enterprise to develop floating offshore wind power technology.

To date, CGN has operated offshore wind power resources of over 13.1 million kilowatts in China, and has projects capable of 934,000 kilowatts under construction.

On April 18, CGN's "Hai Long Xing Ye", the world's first jack-up wind power installation platform designed with truss legs and a gear-rack jacking system, was delivered, further enhancing CGN's offshore wind power operation capacity.

Also spotlighted was the company’s electron beam technology, which uses its self-developed high-frequency high-voltage electron accelerator for industrial wastewater treatment. CGN is the largest domestic R&D and manufacturing enterprise of the most varied industrial electron accelerators, with internationally advanced quality and technology.

CGN has built the first domestic wastewater treatment demonstration project using electron beam. Construction of the world’s largest industrial wastewater treatment project with electron beam technology in Jiangmen, Guangdong province and China’s first demonstration project for harmless treatment of antibiotic bacterial residue in Yili Kazak autonomous prefecture in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region is well underway.

Many visitors were attracted by the VR experience zone of a nuclear power plant. The upgraded version of Hebao, the first nuclear power science popular robot developed by CGN, also attended the fair to spread knowledge in a vivid way. 

CGN attaches great importance to R&D. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-20), its R&D expenditure has maintained a steady growth and occupied 4 percent of its operating revenue over the past three years.

To date, CGN has established nine State key laboratories and R&D centers, and produced great achievements related to nuclear power, nuclear fuel, new energy and nuclear technology. To be specific, it is involved in R&D of nuclear reactor types, development of nuclear fuel assemblies, key technologies in nuclear power engineering, operation and life extension, nuclear fuel mining and research and applications of advanced solar energy, wind power and nuclear technology.