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Mr. Zhou Chuangbin, a “Worker Academician” of CGN, was awarded the title of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Advanced Model in the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone


This year marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. On October 13, the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government announced the decision on commending innovative and entrepreneurial figures and advanced model figures in the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Mr. Zhou Chuangbin, a worker academician of CGN, was elected as “Outstanding Craftsman”, becoming one of the 40 vanguard models who bravely set up the tide of the times, determine to reform and innovation, and dare to practice and explore.

Award Certificate of Mr. Zhou Chuangbin

Mr. Zhou Chuangbin is a senior expert in the special test of CGN and the first winner of China skills award in Shenzhen. Since graduating from technical secondary school to work in Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station in 1991, he has been working in the field of nuclear power operation and commissioning for nearly 30 years. With the spirit of “pioneering”, “creative” and “doing” style, he has been practicing his original mission in ordinary posts. He has grown from an on-site technician to a master of nuclear power technology and a leader in the field of nuclear power operation and commissioning, and has solved major technical problems many times, It has contributed wisdom and strength to the construction of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and the development of China's nuclear power industry.

Mr. Zhou Chuangbin was interviewed by Guangdong Satellite TV, Shenzhen Satellite TV and other media

On the morning of the 14th, Mr. Zhou Chuangbin, as a pioneer and model representative, attended the 40th anniversary celebration of the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. He said, “I am very lucky to grow up with the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. The past events of nuclear power construction in recent years can be vividly seen. The honor is an affirmation of the past and a new starting point. He will continue to base on his own post and carry forward the spirit of Shenzhen in the new era of Dare to try, open and inclusive, pragmatic and law-abiding, and pursue excellence”, so as to make new achievements again for building a leading demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics and realizing the dream of powerful nuclear power nation!”

Mr. Zhou Chuangbin's Stories:

He was born in 1970, now is a Deputy Chief Engineer, Senior Engineer of Researcher's Level of the Commissioning Center of CGN Engineering Company. He has won more than 10 national, provincial, municipal and district level honors, 18 invention patents and special subsidies from the State Council. In 2018, Mr. Zhou Chuangbin won the “China Skills Award”, as the highest award for national skilled talents, and achieved a zero breakthrough in this award in Shenzhen and CGN. He was honored as “master maker” by CGN people and “worker academician” by media.

Mr. Zhou Chuangbin works in the laboratory

Mr. Zhou Chuangbin has the typical spirit of the times of “daring to innovate and dare to create” in the construction of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. With this spirit, he has overcome technical difficulties one by one and achieved many zero-breakthroughs in the industry.

In 2004, the first outage for Unit 2 of LingAo Nuclear Power Station was carried out, which was also the first complete “ten-year outage” of Chinese PWR nuclear power station. The primary loop hydraulic test is a highly difficult test on super large nuclear safety related system, and it was conducted for the first time in Chinese commercial nuclear power plant, the implementation process was complex and the requirements for risk control were extremely strict. During the preparation period of four months’ outage, Mr. Zhou Chuangbin compiled a new overall operation program of about 500 pages day and night. He creatively prepared the operation risk control into the operating program, proposed solutions to a number of technical problems, and compiled the overall operation procedure of China “Primary Loop Hydraulic Test”, which ensured the outage quality and saved the outage duration of 75 hours. The related achievements got the third-class prize in the National Defense Science and Technology Progress Award.

Mr. Zhou Chuangbin (middle) is at the commissioning site of nuclear power project

With the further development of nuclear power technology in China, the second phase project of LingAo Nuclear Power Station plans to develop the first digital operation program of Nuclear Power Station in China. Mr. Zhou Chuangbin took the initiative to undertake important tasks, continued working at night, studying hard, and led the team to overcome different kinds of difficulties, such as tight schedule and great difficulty. Within one year, Mr. Zhou Chuangbin summarized and planned a set of overall program digitization method, which promoted the process of national nuclear power independent exploitation, and the related achievements won the China Patent Gold Award.

Since 2015, Mr. Zhou Chuangbin began to study the key technologies for the commissioning of China’s homegrown third generation nuclear power “HPR1000”. As the deputy chief engineer in charge of commissioning of the “HPR1000” demonstration project, Mr. Zhou Chuangbin participated in the research and decision-making of various commissioning key technologies with his own expertise and technical advantages, and made a phased breakthrough in the standardization demonstration and commissioning sub-topic of “HPR1000” national major project, and contributed experience, wisdom and strength to China third generation nuclear power construction.