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20 employees of CGN are awarded the title of “Guangdong Technical Expert”


On October 20, the closing ceremony of the First Guangdong Vocational Skills Competition and the “50-day countdown” launching ceremony of the First Vocational Skills Competition of the People's Republic of China was held in Guangzhou. 291 winners of the competition were awarded the title of “Guangdong Technical Expert”. Among them, 20 employees of CGN Group (hereinafter referred to as “CGN”) are listed among them, and they are awarded the title of “Guangdong Technical Expert”.

There are 55 professional skills competition programs for industrial enterprises in this competition, and CGN has undertaken 4 of them. In August this year, under the coordinative guidance of the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Guangdong Province, each program’s Competition Organizing Committee undertaken by CGN makes careful preparations, mobilizes extensively, and organizes meticulously, carries out epidemic prevention and control measures strictly for novel coronavirus pneumonia, completes these works with high quality, high standard and high level, and builds a skills exchange, promotion and display platform for young people.

According to statistics, more than 600 players from CGN have signed up for the relevant events, and many advanced models have emerged, which rely on skills to protect nuclear safety and serve high-quality development. They have created a strong atmosphere for learning skills and advocating skills and encouraged many young people to become talents and prosper enterprises through skills.