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CGN participates in 2020 China (Yantai) Nuclear Energy Safety and Nuclear Power Industry Chain Summit Forum series activities


On October 15, the “2020 China (Yantai) Nuclear Energy Safety and Nuclear Power Industry Chain Summit Forum”, which is co-sponsored by Yantai Municipal People's Government, Shandong Provincial Energy Bureau and China Energy News Agency, and hosted by Yantai Municipal Development and Reform Commission and Yantai New Industry Development Promotion Center, was opened in Yantai International Expo Center. Mr. Shi Bing, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Senior Vice President of CGN, attended the opening ceremony and other activities.

The theme of this forum was “new height of safety and new development of industry”. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Shi Bing unveiled the Advanced Nuclear Comprehensive Simulation Test Platform and witnessed

During the Forum, Mr. Shi Bing exchanged fully with the leaders and guests attending the meeting and introduced the development of CGN. At the high-level seminar on the high-quality development of nuclear energy in Shandong Province held in the afternoon of that day, Mr. Shi Bing, on behalf of CGN, expressed gratitude to the governments at all levels of Shandong Province and Yantai City for their support for CGN various businesses. Mr. Shi Bing said that CGN will continue to unswervingly implement the decisions and arrangements for high-quality development in Shandong Province, maintain an open mind, establish a good industrial ecosystem with its partners, seek common development and common improvement, and make positive contributions to Shandong high-quality development.

 “2020 National Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Activity Week” was launched in China at the time when the “2020 China International Nuclear Power Industry and Equipment Exhibition” and this Forum opened at the Yantai International Expo Center simultaneity. CGN presented many independent innovation achievements, such as “HPR1000”, which is the third-generation nuclear power technology of China. Mr. Zhang Zhuping, the Secretary of Yantai Municipal Party Committee, came to the CGN exhibition stand and listened to the introduction of “HPR1000”, Husab Uranium Mine, Electron Accelerator and other exhibits.

China (Yantai) Nuclear Energy Safety and Nuclear Power Industry Chain Summit Forum has been held for five times. At present, this forum has become an industry dialogue activity with great influence in the domestic nuclear power industry.