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First wind turbine of Nanpeng wind farm hoisted in place


The first wind turbine of CGN’s 400MW offshore wind power project in Yangjiang’s Nanpeng Island was hoisted in position on June 27.

The wind farm features a tower weighing 416 tons, blade lengths of 76 meters, and pipe pile of up to 93 meters. It is the largest offshore wind power project with the longest offshore distance and deepest construction water depth in the country.

Three blades were shipped from the wharf of Yangjiang Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone to the operation platform on June 19.

The project adopted the technology of integral impeller hoisting, which required the blades and hub to be connected on the deck in advance.

The impeller had been preliminary formed on the morning of June 27 after two days of assembly.


A total of 128 bolts were used to connect each blade with the hub, and workers had to check one by one from early morning to 4 pm that day.

At the tail of the operation platform, the tower stretches from the sea to the sky when one stands under it and looks up to the top. The total height of the tower, nacelle, and jacket platform above water surface reaches 105 meters.

The offshore wind power unit wasn’t complete until the impeller was added up to the three components.


Later at 7 pm, the installation platform was brightly lit. Two cranes were in position, with bolt rope fixed on the hub and blade. Workers were making final preparations.

At 7:30 pm, the impeller was hung up, while also moving towards the sea. Engineer Feng Chunping said that the two cranes were working at the same time, and that the impeller would be hung up vertically, and hoisted by the lazy arm to the nacelle.

The impeller was completely removed from the deck to hang above the sea at 9:20 pm, while moving closer to the nacelle.

 The impeller was connected to the nacelle seamlessly at 10:40 pm, with the “offshore windmill” taking shape. The iInstallation workers were on standby at the nacelle, which was hundred 100 meters high.


According to Zhang Wei, the person-in-charge of the hoisting, the fastened connection between the impeller and the nacelle required the use of 78 bolts, which took the workers an entire night. After the hoisting, the engineers will spend about one week installing interior components.

The Nanpeng wind farm is CGN’s first offshore wind power project in Guangdong province. It uses a single wind turbine with a power of 5.5MW, as well as includes a 220kV offshore booster station and an onshore control center. Twenty wind turbines will be connected to the grid for power generation by the end of this year before all the wind turbines come into operation by the end of 2020.